Dingonek Street Band is a Brooklyn-based brass band dedicated to human culture and sonic adventure. Built on the celebratory energy and raw spontaneity of the second-line brass band tradition, Dingonek has created a funky, high-energy party music all its own by absorbing and reworking elements of Afrobeat, Ethio-jazz, punk rock, free jazz, and Balkan brass music.

Primal Economics is Dingonek’s dynamic debut featuring eight original compositions penned by trumpeter Bobby Spellman and honed by the band during club residencies in Boston, MA and Brooklyn, NY. Each track is a wild blending of worlds, mixing African rhythms with jazz improvisation, Romani scales with second-line grooves, brass and reeds with drums, gongs, bells, and broken glass. The fast-paced instrumental adventure finds the band taking creative risks without losing hold of the earthy grooves that form the foundation for party music the world over.

The Band:

Bobby Spellman: trumpet and slide trumpet

Emily Pecoraro: soprano saxophone

Greg Blair: tenor saxophone

Tyler Burchfield: baritone saxophone

Josiah Reibstein: tuba

Marco Frey: drums

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