The Dingonek Street Band is a raucous, improvisatory brass band fusing Afrobeat and Ethio-jazz with post-bop, funk, and New Orleans parade music.

Influenced by diverse sources from Fela Kuti to Primus to the Art Ensemble of Chicago, the Dingonek strives to lead the unsuspecting masses into the depths of the sonic wilderness, where anything is possible and good times are guaranteed to be had by all.

Driven by tuba bass, marching bass drum, and afro-latin percussion, this five-horn acoustic powerhouse is in its element whether on stage or in the streets. 

The Band:

Bobby Spellman, trumpet and slide trumpet

Emily Pecoraro, soprano saxophone

Greg Blair, tenor saxophone

Tyler Burchfield, baritone saxophone

Josiah Reibstein, tuba

Buddy Garotao, et. al, marching drum set

Mike Hardin, et. al, percussion