The Dingonek Street Band began in Boston in 2013 as Bobby Spellman's Underground Society Band. A Monday night residency at the legendary Middle East Nightclub allowed the gang of musical miscreants to work out new material and hone the unique sound of the group. Over time, the brass-based jazz band began incorporating more sounds from around the world, and they gravitated towards the funkiest side of their unconventional repertoire.

Today the band is based in Brooklyn, NY, and the unit has expanded, but their philosophy remains the same.

The Dingonek Street Band is a vehicle for new music and unbridled improvisation inspired by the human condition the world over. Incorporating elements of traditional jazz, post-bop, punk rock, Ethio-funk, Afrobeat, and the Balkan brass tradition, the Dingonek strives to find new paths to the roots of human jubilation through the wretched forest of man's despair. Deep, right?

But mostly the Dingonek is just a hardcore street band looking for new ways to tickle your brains while you move your butts.

The beginning of 2017 finds the band hard at work finishing their debut album. Keep an eye out for new dates this spring!

Alright, now stop asking so many questions.